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Mark Bahlig, a South African-German artist, initiated a major shift in his life in 2016 sparking a transition into the world of music. With his project, NOWAND, Mark’s unremitting passion and commitment to creating music that moves the soul drives him forward in a never-ending quest to explore his inner realm and reveal it to the world. 


Together with friends Gustavo Fasani and Jason Birkwood, and world-renowned sound engineer and producer, Hannes Bieger, Mark has spent the last few years taking his project to the next level. NOWAND is centred on music that incorporates elements of new wave, deep house, techno, dub and blues, as well as the timeless sounds of the eighties and nineties. What emerges from this vibrant cocktail of influences is emotive, accessible and deeply personal. 

For Mark, making music and finding his true voice has provided a channel for catharsis and regeneration, now his intention is to provide the same outlet for his listeners.

Text: Marcus Barnes, Mark Bahlig

Image: Jethro Harris @amazing_harris

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